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Happy Holidays!

I’ve always loved this time of year… Especially watching people express love through giving and receiving. It’s a gift in and of itself, really. I often feel as though I can freeze the moment and just take in and embrace the spirit. Pure gestures are the grandest of them all. ❤

Giving is the foundation of  what I have built this dream of Trinity Sisterhood Shop and Gifts on. I’ve shared so many moments with brothers and sisters near and across the pond. The greatest gift that has always been and will be abundantly available is Unconditional love! The very core and structure of our relationships with one another… and I want to continue sharing these gifts with you! I want to see it ripple out and brighten your physical experience every day!

Regardless of the religion or belief we have, there is truth in us all. There…. That is our connection.

Thank you for being here with us and we love you so very much.


-Amber M. Royse


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